Will your steady rest fit my lathe?

We now offer only the Garner Mark 5.5 Universal (GM5.5U). It fits any lathe of swing diameter from 280mm to 405mm. 

Measuring the swing of your lathe

We recommend you measure the swing manually to check it is within range (280mm to 405mm), however if you know the model number of your lathe and want a quick look, have a look at the tables here.

Measuring the swing of your lathe and more

The swing is the maximum diameter that can be turned with your lathe, ie twice the distance from the bed to the turning centre.

In the picture above, the distance between the bed and the centre of the chuck is half the swing, or the swing radius. So if this measures 140mm, your swing is 280mm.

With a swing of 280mm you place the GM5.5U directly on the bars.

With a 300mm swing you simply raise the GM5.5U using the included 10mm spacer and so the spinning centre of your lathe and the centre of the GM5.5U are aligned. 

How about if your lathe has a 405 mm swing? In this case you would need to raise the GM5.5U by 60mm for its centre to be aligned with the centre of your lathe.

Any more questions please see the FAQ or if that doesn't help contact us here.

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