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posted 15 Nov 2014, 12:32 by Daniel Garner   [ updated 25 Dec 2014, 14:28 by Ken Garner ]

Steady rests:

Minor update!  Due to woodturning being a unique (but brilliant) hobby/profession, we do sell only small numbers of steady rests. What this means is you'll get a very personal service.
So please feel welcome to email if you prefer to pay via a method other than PayPal. For example a recent customer preferred to send a cheque.

We are happy to speak to you via email or via telephone, (just sent your number in an email). Ken likes to speak  to fellow woodturners!


Ken has been working on three Large Ash bowl blanks. I sourced the wood from a friend who'd cut down the 30 -35 year old Ash tree to keep her neighbors happy. Using the chainsaw I cut the logs into blanks. Skillfully, I found an embedded nail and snapped the chain...The first wooden bowl was turned green, the second seasoned. After a year of drying, it was significantly harder! Ken went on to find 3 screws and two nails in one of the blanks which didn't fare a lot better in the end. See next paragraph.

Ken also purchased a set of number 3 jaws for his Oneway chuck to cope with larger tenons on very large bowls. I think he was alarmed after the last project shot across the workshop 'Dustbuster style' before colliding with the window. Remarkably no damage... to the window, the bowl was later scrapped anyway because it had gone too far out of round.

Pictures to follow!

Magic Wands

I have been making magic wands in the Harry Potter cum proper woodturning style. I hope to have pictures of them here soon.