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Available soon!

posted 18 Aug 2012, 09:27 by Daniel Garner   [ updated 28 Sept 2012, 15:15 ]
The Garner M5 steady rests have entered production and will be ready in two weeks!

Each model is named according to the the swing diameter it is designed for. The 280mm, 340mm and 400mm will be available. For example the 400mm model is for lathes of 400mm swing and above.

Your lathes swing is determined by doubling the distance from the spindle centre to the ways (the bars that hold the tool rests). See the picture for a visual:

The swing of the lathe pictured would be double the distance indicated.

Note: It is important you only measure from the spindle centre to the tops of your ways as some lathes count swing that goes between the ways.


The lathe pictured measures 200mm from the spindle centre to the top of the ways (the swing radius). Doubling this gives us a 400mm swing, therefore we need the 400mm Garner M5 steady rest. We could use a smaller steady rest, for example the 280mm model, but we'd have to raise it up on blocks. Whilst this would be perfectly acceptable, the 280mm model has a maximum turnable diameter of 220mm, whilst the 400mm model has a turnable diameter of 340mm. In practical terms, we could turn larger objects using the 400mm model.

Please register your interest by emailing the model you are interested in, and we can email you news when it is ready: